I am an average guy living in the Orlando, FL area.  My goal is to build strength and lose weight with a minimum amount of effort.  I’m calling my plan the Minimalist Workout.  My plan is to do only 5 reps per set of any workout but multiple times per day.

Today is my first day.  I woke up this morning and did one set of 5 sit ups.  I did these in the bathroom so I’m assigning sit ups to the bathroom for now.  I also did 5 squats in the bathroom so, for now, I’ll do my squats in the bathroom.  In the living room I did a 1 minute plank.  This was killer but I made it the full minute.  When I got to work I didn’t want to lay down and do sit ups in the bathroom so I will have to come up with a place at work to do sit ups.