Today I was doing my first set of sit ups and my 4 year old sat down and started doing sit ups too.  She was struggling a bit with her feet lifting up in the air which had me cracking up.  I told her to stop for a minute and held her feet down.  Then I had her do her sit ups and she did they really well.  She kept her back straight, put her hands behind her back and busted out 5 push ups.  It was the cutest thing you’ve ever seen.  After that her mom decided she wanted to video tape.  My wife is a perfectionist so she kept having Callie do them over and over again.  By then Callie was getting tired and ended up doing 20 sit ups.  I finally told my wife she wasn’t going to get a perfect video of her doing sit ups and we stopped.

The fun part about working out in the living room is having my kids join in.  It makes it more like a game than exercise.

Tim’s Tip #1 – Work out with your kids.  It makes it more of a game.  If you don’t have kids then grab a relative or neighbor’s kid (with permission of course).

Push ups 15

Squats 25

Sit ups 20