Today being Saturday it is a busy day.  I’m not sure how many exercises I’ll be able to get in since I’ll be out and about.  I started with taking my step daughter and her surprisingly polite and funny boyfriend to the movies.  Later, my wife and I are meeting our friends at Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the UFC fights.  I have a fitness game for Xbox Kinect called Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012.  It is fantastic because the Kinect tracks your movement so you have a trainer and it watches you as you work out to make sure you do the exercises correctly.  It’s really accurate.

So with limited time and my Xbox I spent 7 minutes doing my abs.  The game has tons of exercises for the whole body but I picked abs only for two reasons: 1) my abs are the only part of my body that does not feel tired and 2) I feel that the exercises I did worked out my arms and legs as well as my core.

I will still get in a few reps of my normal exercises but not as many as I hope.  Seven minutes is easy.  If I’m to inspire anyone that they can be out of shape like me and put in minimum effort to build strength then I have to find the best workouts that take the least amount of time.  This is only day 3 and I’m on the right track.

I probably should be taking measurements to track progress…

I’d love to hear from anyone who knows of quick and effective exercises that can be done throughout the day.  Just leave a comment below.

Your Shape:  7 minutes
Squats:  5
Push ups:  5