Today is a day of rest for me.  I had three good days of hard minimalist workouts so I decided to rest my muscles.  It is good to give your muscles a rest from time to time to allow them to heal.  I don’t feel it necessary to rest every other day so I will just listen to my body and let it tell me when enough is enough.  During these days I’ll share some of my thoughts about my program so far and probably point out my progress.

I thought I should point out that I’m not a trainer.  I’m just a regular guy with a day job like anyone else.  I am 6ft 1in, about 215 lbs, 35 years old.  I intend to use this blog as a diary of my progress as I work to gain strength.  Ultimately I’d like to lose weight and become tone.

I have been thinking of a lot of ideas for this blog.  I’d like to add running eventually and am not sure how I want to implement it, although I have a couple ideas.  The key to my workout is to minimalize the effort, limiting my sets to 5 reps each.  In the future this may become too easy and I might have to increase the amount of reps per set.  I do each workout at different times throughout the day so it is always convenient.  Also, I use no weights or equipment except on occasion so I can do the workouts anywhere.  To me this is a true minimalist workout.

My inspirations for this workout are Leo Babauta from, Tim Ferriss of 4 Hour Body fame and Pavel Tsatsouline.