I’m originally from the Detroit, MI area but I moved to Orlando, FL (aka best city on earth) in 2002.  Ever since Hurricane Charley hit in 2004 I’ve been afraid of hurricanes.  Tropical storms, however, bring a lot of rain, some wind and thunder.  Today is a tropical storm day.  Its also Memorial Day.  Instead of going to the park and BBQing I spent the day mostly in bed (I don’t get home from work until 3am) and playing with the kids.  We went to Publix and bought a fried chicken dinner complete with baked beans and hung out and enjoyed.

I’m not really on a good diet right now.  I was doing Tim Ferriss’ “Slow Carb Diet” and lost a good amount of weight.  In the process of moving I got off my diet for about a month.  By the time I got back on my diet I was addicted to carbs again.

Tim’s Tip #2 – The reason you fail at your diet is you are addicted to sugar and carbs!

The carb addiction was too much for me and after 2 weeks of dizziness I succumbed to the addiction and ate some bread.  I justify the baked beans because they’re full of protein and will be good for my muscles as I work out.  I realize I’m not a hard core muscle builder but baked beans with bacon in them are delicious.  Don’t follow my diet!

The bad thing about a tropical storm is that I wont be able to ride my motorcycle to work today.  I ride my motorcycle to work year round, nearly every single day.  I love it.

With all this activity today I honestly feel like my workout didn’t slow me down at all.  In fact, the hardest part of my workout was my 4 year old jumping on my back while I was doing a plank!  Today was a good day.

Push Ups: 25
Sit Ups: 15
Squats: 35
Plank: 1
Calf Raises: 15