I’m back to working out again.  My four year old asked me first thing this morning if I was going to do sit ups.  By noon I had already done 20 push ups and 10 squats.  I had yet to do any sit ups but after my kids were done watching Shrek 1 & 2 on my Xbox I spent a little time with Your Shape Fitness Evolved for Kinect.

It felt pretty good working out again.  I am encouraged by so many great readers comments and have gotten quite a few good suggestions on little things I can do throughout the day to add more work outs to my routine.  Humans are social creatures and we are at our best when we support each other.  I would love to connect with more people who are trying to get in shape.  On the right I have links to where you can follow me on Twitter and Google+.  Feel free to hit me up on either.  I use the hash tag #MinimizeWorkout on twitter.

Michelle commented and suggested crunches and calf raises during commercial breaks and Melissa told me that there are various forms of squats and push ups that benefit different parts of the body.  I plan to evolve my workout routine to make it more challenging and more beneficial and these tips will help me immensely.

On a side note, I had some guacamole for lunch.  I never knew I loved avocado so much until about a year ago when I was reading up on natural cures for things.  It seems avocado is a natural cure for just about everything.  Any day I get guacamole or avocado is a good day.

Push Ups: 50
Sit Ups:30
Squats: 30
Planks: 1:10
Fitness Evolved: 5:00