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Yesterday I got in my 100 sit ups.  This is my target number so I’m quite pleased.  I tend to put more value on how many sit ups I do because I used to do 100 sit ups when I was in high school.  For years I’ve wanted to get back to this mark but I never did.  My minimalist workout has gotten me there in a short period of time.  I started this program on May 25th so I’ve gone from 20 sit ups on May 26th to 100 yesterday.

Today is binge day on my “Slow Carb Diet” and I thought I’d start it off by showing you what I eat during the week.  I’m kind of a boring guy when it comes to lunch and dinner.  For breakfast I eat four eggs and two pieces of bacon.  For lunch and dinner I eat ground turkey or beef cooked with onions, peppers and beans and I add vegetables on the side.  It isn’t real exciting but it does keep me full for hours and I’ve been losing weight eating this.

What I Eat For Dinner

I use olive oil and red wine or balsamic vinegar or hot sauce and cayenne to make things more interesting and enjoy.  Today is my binge day so I get to eat anything I want and I’m going to go now and eat!

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Anxiety can manifest itself in so many ways.  From OCD to flat out panic attacks anxiety can really stop a person from accomplishing their goals.  I was diagnosed with generalize anxiety disorder in 2004.  It was for a medical experiment but my job did not allow me to attend the sessions at the times they were held.  I learned things during the initial consultation that really shocked me.  I get a twitching in my knee.  Doctor didn’t need me to tell him, he asked me if I had any muscle twitching and when I confirmed he said “in your knee?”

I finally got treatment for my anxiety in late 2005 after a tough time in my life and I had to move across the country.  I was put on medication and told I should see a therapist.  While I didn’t see a therapist, and I really should have, I did a lot of research.  I found that part of the treatment for anxiety is confronting your fears and proving to yourself that you have nothing to worry about.  So that is exactly what I did.  Over the next couple years I overcame my fear of needles by getting a tattoo, I overcame my fear of phones by becoming a salesman and I got on a running program to overcome my fear of people watching me work out.

I still struggle with anxiety but I have come a long way.  I don’t care if people watch me work out or fear that I wont be able to finish my workout.  I realized that no one is making me lift a massive amount of weight.  It is perfectly okay if I do a set of 5.  If someone on a couch laughs at me then what do I have to fear besides getting fit while they’re still lazy.  I have a couple of critics and I chose to ignore them.  While that is a hard concept for people to grasp just try it sometime.  Next time it’s raining and everyone is running like their life depends on it slow down, walk, smile, sing.  Make a fool out of yourself and you’ll realize you put a smile on other people’s faces as well.  Nothing bad will happen, I promise.

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It is a great day when you wake up and go outside and there is nothing but blue sky and sunshine as far as the eye can see!  I woke up slowly and then did 20 sit ups.  Sit ups are a great way to get the blood flowing.  They are also starting to get easier for me.  When I first started doing sets of 20 I started to feel a tightness in my abs at the 15th or 16th rep.  Now I get to the 20th rep before I feel my abs starting to become tiredn.  Because I have some extra weight in my mid section I cannot see the results visually yet but I can feel them and know that my sit ups routine is working because I’m getting better at them.  If I do five sets of 20 today I’ll have 100 done today.

When I was in high school I played basketball for my first two years.  I was tall for my age and at 6ft 1in I was a center.  The problem was I was very skinny due to the  fact that I took Ritalin for my ADD.  My coaches wanted me to be able to box out against the other teams we played and put me on a strength training program.  One thing I remember doing was 100 sit ups at practice.  I had one of the strongest set of abs in my school.  I remember how proud I was of my washboard.  To be back to the 100 mark means a lot to me.  Now, we didn’t do a minimalist workout in basketball practice.  It was more intense and I realize I have a long way to go but I thrive on milestones such as this one.

This morning I woke up and had to run out to get eggs.  It really is beautiful out there today.  Especially after the tropical storm we had go through earlier this week.  My neighborhood is the type of place that has a lot of big trees.  The beauty of where I live puts me in a great mood.  I called my wife on the way to Aldi which always puts me in a good mood.  I heard my girls arguing in the background which made me laugh.  Mostly because I didn’t have to deal with them.

I’ve been eating ground turkey almost every day for a couple of weeks now so I picked up a bag of chicken breast and some broccoli.  I also picked up some olive oil which I should be using every day.  I find that I lose weight better when I use olive oil in my cooking.  Here’s a tip-

Tim’s Tips: When buying olive oil, make sure you get it in the darkest color bottle possible  This blocks out the light and prevents the light from destroying the nutrition in it.

With these many good feelings I’m ready to go conquer the day.

So I’m back to working late.  I’ve been working earlier since I got back from my vacation but now I’m back on my late schedule and I’m tired.  I did my 90 push ups today in the minimalist workout way.  Quite frankly I’m very tired from being off my late night schedule so long.  I got an incredibly encouraging email about this blog tonight from a reader.  It was amazing and encourages me to keep going.

Before I go I’ll give you an example of how I minimize my workout.  At work tonight I was waiting for my coffee to brew so I dropped down and did 10 push ups.  This took only a little bit of time and meant I didn’t have to stand there bored while I waited impatiently for my wonderful coffee.  I do my workout like this all day long.  It isn’t hard to find a spare 30 second moment to do some working out.

Have a wonderful night and I will say more tomorrow.

Healing For The Nation

“God enters by the private door into every individual” – Ralph Waldo

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Today I ate a breakfast that was about as yin and yang as you can get.  I ran out of eggs and didn’t feel like going to get more so I improvised.  I enjoyed two pieces of bacon and an avocado.

Avocado and Bacon

It may look like four pieces of bacon but I cut them in half before I cook them so I can cook them in this small pot that I like.  The pot has a great non-stick surface so I cook anything I can in it.  Because bacon is often considered unhealthy and avocado is considered healthy I’ve named this my yin-yang breakfast.  It is perfect for the minimalist don’t you think?  Bacon and avocado are two of my favorite foods so I really enjoyed it.

I managed to do 30 push ups before I ate.  I got a late start on breakfast.  I don’t normally like to workout before I eat some protein but I did it anyway.  I have 60 more to do by the end of the day.  Should be easy.

My wife sent me this picture of my six-year-old Zoe.  She had heart-shaped pickles in her burger!

Heart Pickels

I miss my wife and kids, they’ll be home next week.  This picture lifted my spirits and made me happy.  She’s really a good kid.


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Growing old is tough.  At 37, David Beckham is a year older than me, has been plagued with injuries over the past couple of years and just wants to play.  It was announced today that he would not be joining England on the field for the Olympics.  Poor becks is disappointed and I can totally understand.  As I grow older and out of shape and my body slows down I too have to face disappointment at times when I want to keep playing and just can’t do it.  Despite everything anyone ever said about Beckham and money or that he just wants the fame, the fact is he’s an athlete who wants to compete.  Becks, we may be getting older but we’re still capable of great things!

David Beckham is my inspiration today.  Now I’m off to do 90 push ups before the end of the day.

After several days of rain and a tropical storm that flooded many areas of Florida the sun came out!  This lifted my spirits quite a bit.  It was still cloudy when I left for work at 1:30pm but by the time I got to work I could see sunshine!  It was good to see my old friend the sun again.  I missed it so much.  When I don’t see the sun for more than a day I usually get depressed.  This week, however, I haven’t felt depressed and I wonder if it is because of my minimalist workouts.  I feel good after each set of exercises.  I’ve suffered with seasonal affective disorder for years.  Now I think it may be just a lack of exercise.

It really is amazing how lack of proper nutrition and exercise can affect a person.  Some people have heart attacks and others get depressed.  Some people can live full lives with diabetes and other people die young because of lack of proper nutrition.  I’m thankful that I do not have diabetes.  I want to live a long life because I have kids who want their dad around for a long time and I want to be there to see them grow up and have kids of their own.

I’ve done 30 squats today and am planning to add five or ten before bed.  I’m feeling stronger in my legs lately.

The IndieGoGo campaign is going well.  I’ve got three funders and am working on ways to get the word out.  If you check it out and like what you see but don’t want to give then I’d still love you if you told some friends or strangers about it!

Tim’s Kindle Book IndieGoGo Project

Please check out my IndieGoGo campaign to support my upcoming Kindle book!

I was flexing my muscles at myself in the mirror yesterday.  I am seeing some change.  My wife has been telling me for a while that I need to take some pictures.  She’s absolutely right.  So since I am here by myself and have no one to take a picture of me I took quite possibly the silliest muscle picture ever!  If I had my iPad with me I’d instagram it for an even funnier pic.

Silliest Muscle Picture Ever

I definitely have a beautiful farmer tan going on but my arms are starting to look more tone and my muscles are developing nicely.  It is things like this that keep me motivated.  By the way, after taking this picture in one of my trigger rooms I did 10 squats.  Trust me though, that arm didn’t look like that a month ago when I started.

Yesterday I got in 90 sit ups.  Sit ups are something that are becoming more easy for me.  I was on my way to bed when I remembered I had only done 80 sit ups.  My goal for the day was 90 so I went back out to the living room and did 10 more.  I felt really good about them and am quite sure I could have done 10 at least 10 more.  I will still with 90 for now

Yesterday I wrote a post about my carb withdrawal symptoms that I’ve been experiencing due to being on the “Slow Carb Diet”.  I got a comment from a reader who told me I could use cinnamon to regulate my blood sugar levels and help me with my withdrawal symptoms.  I added some cinnamon to my water this morning and it has helped.  I am going to put in more in hope of completely getting rid of the symptoms.

A couple of days ago I stopped at the store on the way home and picked up a can of chili beans.  In the past I’ve had chili beans on this diet and had no problem.  This time, however, I bought a brand I don’t normally buy because it was cheaper.  While I didn’t gain weight the next morning, I didn’t lose either.  I was frustrated and went and checked the label on the can.  Much to my chagrin I noticed “cane syrup” in the ingredient list and also wheat.

Why You Should Read The Label

In all fairness to the manufacturer, I should have read the label.  On the other hand, I don’t understand why food manufacturers have to put sugar in everything and why can’t it just be natural sugar?  I also noticed “modified food starch”.  This brings me to another question, why do they have to modify things?  Why can’t food manufacturers just put food in our food instead of scientifically made food?

On the bright side I did end up losing 3 lbs this morning.  I’m feeling stronger, losing weight and feel great.  Once my family comes home from their vacation my world will be perfect again.

I’ve been on this diet for about a week and a half.  It is Tim Ferriss’ “Slow Carb Diet”.  It is a lot of protein and a low amount of carbs.  In fact, with the exception of Saturday the only carbs I eat are beans.  Sugar and carbs are one of the most addictive things we eat and when you don’t eat them you get withdrawal symptoms.

I’m having withdrawal symptoms.  I have felt them coming on for a couple of days but today I’m very dizzy, light-headed, irritable, and antsy.  It makes me just want to eat a piece of bread.  I do have the cravings but I’m fairly good at dealing with cravings.  I do not like feeling this way.  If I can make it through this week and next then I’ll probably be ok after that.  In the past, once I got through week three I did really good.  In fact, after a few weeks eating carbs on binge day makes me feel sick.

I never mentioned this on Sunday but since I’m on the subject of binge day on my “Slow Carb Diet” I did not gain any weight on binge day this week.  I’ve been losing weight slowly but I think it was mostly due to the fact that I ate a can of beans that had sugar in the ingredients.  This is why it is so important to read the labels on your food.  They’ll put sugar in nearly anything.

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