I’ve made progress in my workouts.  I am charting all my reps on a google spreadsheet and I’m up in every exercise.  These early results are encouraging.  I didn’t think I could fail but I wondered how much I would improve.  So in six days I went from 15 push ups to 50 and from 5 reps per set to 10 reps.  The push ups are becoming much easier as well.  It’s nice to feel like my program is working so quickly.  I would like to work my way up to 100 push ups per day three to four days per week.  I also want to work up to the insane goal of being able to do my push ups one-armed and one-legged.

Squats are a challenge for me.  I have never had good knees but I don’t feel like I have bad knees.  I might have weak knees but no matter what, squats are not becoming quite as easy for me as push ups.  With that said, I have made some progress.  My quadriceps are also a bit of a sore spot for me.  I feel like my muscles are really working hard to pull off a squat.  I guess this is a good thing and I do believe they will strengthen sooner than later but for now I’m keeping capsaicin on them and resting every couple of days.  I’m also working on getting enough protein.

My sit ups are improving.  I did a test today to see how many I could in a row and I knocked out 20 in a row.  This is a big difference from a week ago when I could do 5 and needed a rest!  I probably could have done more sit ups but I was starting to feel the burn.  From what I’ve read, you do not need to exhaust a muscle group to benefit from the workout.  I know a big reason why people don’t succeed in their workout plans is because they are too hard.  There are those who will do P90X just to prove something to themselves or their friends and there are those who will pop it in one time and feel like a failure.  Don’t get me wrong, P90X is awesome and all but I don’t have 45 minutes a day for a workout like that.

I was talking to one of my best friends last night and showed him my blog.  He thought it was a great idea and decided to start fitting more exercises in to his day to gain strength for climbing.  He lives in California and does a lot of hiking and climbing and feels he could work more strength training in to his day to make him a better climber.  I am glad to have a friend working out with me!

One more thought before I publish, Subway has a new avocado spread you can get on your subs and its delicious!

Push Ups: 50
Sit Ups: 40
Squats: 25
Calf Raises: 40