In my current workout routine I work out 4 days a week.  I’m considering changing that.  My quads are screaming at me.  My upper body is doing fine.  Doing push ups and sit ups are great exercises for the core.  This is the part of my body that has the least amount of problems.

I’m considering adjusting my schedule a little.  Since I workout at work and home, my work schedule doesn’t really affect how much how much exercise I get.  I might do squats every other day regardless of when I do my push ups and sit ups.

Today is my birthday and my wonderful wife and three kids decorated the house and made me a great dinner and cheese cake.  I don’t like getting older but I am blessed with a wonderful family and a great life.

I plan to take it easy tomorrow.  I’ll rest my muscles and resume Wednesday.  I plan to take a little extra time for my legs however before I go back to squats.

Push Ups: 20

Sit Ups:

Squats: 10


Calf Raises: