Working out is supposed to hurt isn’t it?  After all, they say “No Pain, No Gain” right?  I personally don’t believe this but if it is true then I’m gaining and not even working out.  I did 40 push ups and 20 sit ups yesterday and everything I do hurts my quads.  I consulted a friend of mine who has been in fitness for 20 years.  He told me squats are really tough and they’re easy to go overboard on.  As a result of going overboard I’ve strained my quads and need to let them rest.  I don’t want to let them rest.

I have a lot of momentum right now and feel good about my workouts.  I feel as if my legs are getting stronger but I’m not 20 anymore. On top of that I’ve let my body go for so long that its just so far out of shape.  It will take time.  This is a work in progress, it isn’t a setback, it’s just part of the process.  Next week I’ll go easier on quads and not do so many squats.  I’m going to find other ways to work my legs out like more calf raises.  Those I feel I can handle.  Until then I need to find something to keep me moving.

I plan to take today and tomorrow off.  I’m traveling tomorrow so while I will have opportunities to work out, I feel the added day will be good for me.  I’m going to drink more water, have some potassium and eat a sweet potato.