After having a few days off I did 80 push ups.  I felt great.  My arms felt like they could carry me further as well.  Push ups are my favorite exercise and I’ve decided I’d be doing them every other day instead of trying to do the same exercise two days in a row.  Also, by not doing sit ups or squats and only focusing on push ups I was able to get more sets in.  My goal tomorrow is to get in a lot of sit ups.  By Monday I hope to be back to doing squats.  My quad is feeling better today, not 100% but much improved.  By rearranging my workout schedule and doing only one exercise per day I home to maximize the number of sets I get in.  I want to be careful not to hurt myself in the process but I’m pretty confident that 80 push ups will not hurt me.  I also have felt in the past that I could handle more sit ups but just didn’t get them in.  When I do go back to squats I don’t want to overdo it so I plan to mix that day with calf raises.  By spacing out the different exercises to every other day or every other other day I believe I can keep improving my strength while minimizing my workout.

I’m optimistic about my new schedule and am enjoying my vacation.  My previous schedule served me well until I got to the next level.  Now, I’m sure this schedule will work well for me.

Push Ups: 80