I ended up with 80 push ups for the day yesterday.  I feel like my push ups are on cruise control and I have a great handle on my form and strength.  While my arms feel tired at the end of the day I am not worn out leading me to believe I could be doing 100 per day on my push up days very soon.  I may soon need to increase the amount of reps I do per set to 20 in order to maximize the amount of push ups I do in minimal amount of time.  It honestly takes only a minute out of my day to drop down and do 10 or 20 push ups.

I didn’t drink enough water yesterday and am paying for it with a little soreness in my shoulders.  The good thing about being sore is that I get a sense of what muscles push ups workout.  Push ups are an excellent exercise because they workout not only your arms but your shoulders, chest and abs.

Today is my sit up day.  I’ve increased my reps to 20 per set.  It is challenging but I don’t feel that my muscles are being exhausted by the end of each set.

My legs are feeling good today while gives me a good idea that I’m on the right track with my squats.

Tim’s Tips:  I’ve added cinnamon to my diet quite a bit lately.  Cinnamon lowers your blood sugar which in turn tells your body not to store sugar which turns to fat.  While it wont keep you from gaining weight, it will aid you in losing weight if you’re on a diet.