I realize I’m writing my posts a day behind but I am on vacation after all so give me a break! The weather is nice today and the birds are singing and I’m up so much earlier than I imagined I’d be.

My had a great day yesterday.  I’ did 60 sit ups and feel I could add more.  My abs have that good kind of “I got a great workout” feeling.  You know, the one where you feel stronger?  I’ll have two days before having to do more sit ups so I’ll have plenty of time to strategize.

I got enough water yesterday so I’m not feeling sore like I was when I woke us yesterday.  Still, I’m sleeping in a bed I’m not used to and using a pillow that is kind of flat so I do feel a little stiff in my neck.

I have a busy day with my kids planned and quite a few squats to do.  I don’t feel much like writing right now so I’ll make today’s post short.  Have a wonderful day!