Let me start off by quickly saying that I did 20 squats yesterday.  More on that after this:

Yesterday I had the chance to ride a Venetian Swing.  A Venetian Swing looks like a small boat that two people sit on either side of. To make it swing you have to each grab these ropes and pull.  So you’re pulling the weight of yourself, your partner and the boat.  I did this for 7 minutes and trust me it was not easy.  So for today’s workout I am struggling to do my push ups.  I am bound and determined to get a good amount in but my arms got quite a workout yesterday.  The Venetian Swings also worked out my abs pretty good because of the downward pulling motion.  It was great fun!

So back to squats.  Like I stated previously, I did 20.  My knees feel like they need a lot of strengthening.  I’m hoping 20 will be enough squats to strengthen them.  I still don’t want to go overboard like I did previously where I strained my right quad muscle.  Squats are an excellent workout to build strength but that is because they are very hard on the legs.

I’m enjoying my vacation in Michigan.  We went to a place called Cross Road’s Village and Huckleberry Railroad.  It’s like a step back into the 1880’s.  We rode the Venetian Swings, a very old carousel and a very old ferris wheel.  We also had the chance to ride an old train.  We also saw a magician and watched a blacksmith working.  My kids loved it!

Tonight I’m going downtown Detroit with my dad to go to a Detroit Tiger’s game.  Being from this area originally I am a big fan of the Tigers.  It should be a great time and I can’t wait!