It has been a couple of days since my last post but I have been getting in all my workouts.  June 16th I did my 60 sit ups and still feel I should add more throughout the day.  Yesterday I was able to get in 20 squats even though it was a busy travel day and I had to get back to work.

My flight down from Detroit was fun.  While going through the security line at DTW the TSA lady wished me a happy father’s day.  I was like “how did she know?”  Maybe she wishes every guy over 20 a happy father’s day but it made my whole day since I had to be away from my kids.  Usually I sit on the plane and look out the window or play solitaire on my phone but yesterday I sat next to a funny guy who kept cracking jokes the whole flight.  It made a two-hour flight seem a lot shorter.  It was nice to be home even though I miss my wife and kids who are staying an extra two weeks in Michigan.  Once I got to baggage claim I used the courtesy phone to call the shuttle to take me back to my car.  I figured they’d be a while and since it was noon which is the time I usually get up when I’m at home (I work late) so I ran to the restroom and did a set of squats.  I then made my way out to the ground transportation area and got on the shuttle and enjoyed the ride.

It was really nice to see palm trees again and the sun was shining and the humidity seemed low for this time of year.  While exiting the shuttle the lady again wished me a happy father’s day and put a smile on my face.  It’s funny how little things like that can make you happy the rest of the day.  Even though I was really tired I felt good and upon getting home and turning on the air conditioning I did five more squats while I waited for the house to cool down.

I finished the rest of my squats at work later in the evening and they are starting to get easier.  I may try to add one more set of five in a couple of days when I do my squats again.  I will still pace myself and listen to my body and try not to overdo it.

Today is push up day.  I feel confident that I can add to my count (currently 80).  I might try to add reps to my sets.  I’m going to see how that works in the first couple of sets.  Theoretically I could easily add 10-20 reps today but we’ll see.