Yesterday I lost track of how many push ups I did.  I either did 90 or 105.  Generally, I open up a new post and save as a draft when I start my workout.  Throughout the day I’ll keep track of how many I’ve done and at the end of the day, or next day as it has been lately, I’ll write and post a new blog post.  Yesterday I didn’t do this and just dropped down and did push ups throughout the day.  I’m pretty sure I ended up doing 105 push ups yesterday which is awesome.  My goal was to get to 100 per day and stay there for a little while.  Even if I only did 90 I’m very close.

Going forward I have decided if I’ll do 90.  Doing sets of 15 helped out a lot to minimize the amount of sets I had to do.  While it takes longer to do a set, I’m minimizing how many I have to do and thus saving a little time.  I’m also surprised by how quickly I’ve increased the number of push ups I’m doing per day.  After all, I started this blog less than four weeks ago.  My arms feel very good today so I haven’t had to kill myself to get stronger.

I got back on track with my diet yesterday.  It is something I’ve been struggling with since February when I moved.  I got off my diet because I was moving and was away from my home a lot and wasn’t able to eat healthy on the road.  Once my life got back to normal I had gotten myself addicted to carbs again and struggled with the side effects.  I’m planning on going through withdrawal for three weeks.  I’m doing Tim Ferris’ “Slow Carb Diet” from his book “4 Hour Body”.  Wish me luck.

Casselberry, FL Meat Market

We have a wonderful meat market here in Casselberry, FL.  It is full of locally grown fresh produce and great meats for low prices.  I was able to get almost everything I needed for my diet there.  For some reason they didn’t have any eggs this week so I will have to run out to Publix for the eggs.  I made myself a delicious dinner complete with Avocado.  Have I mentioned I love avocado?  I never knew I did until I finally tried one last year.


The meat market sells avocado for 78 cents each which is a bargain so I picked one up for each of my meals until I’m off on Friday.

Today is sit ups day.  I’m planning to increase the amount of sit ups I do today from 60 to 70 or 80.  When I was in high school I played basketball.  We used to do 100 sit ups per day in practice and I had a nice six-pack.  I’m far from a six-pack today but if I can get to 100 sit ups then I should be able to get my washboard back quickly.