On May 25th I was able to do 20 sit ups throughout the day.  I remember feeling as if I’d gotten a good workout.  Yesterday was day 25 and I was able to get in 80 sit ups.  The goal of 100 sit ups per day (which is was I did in high school) is within reach.  This is a major improvement in just over three weeks.  My goal when I started was to increase strength without scheduling a time to workout and my workouts not taking time away from other things I had to do that day.  I found out very quickly that it is easy to minimize the amount of workout time yet still be effective.

I find that the more my workouts improve the better I feel and the more I want to workout.  It is really intoxicating to set goals and achieve them.  I have also benefited from others in the WordPress community.  I follow several great bloggers who encourage and inspire me daily.  Many of them only know me from the few comments I’ve made on their blogs, I’m not even sure they’ve read mine.  This doesn’t matter to me.  I get comments of my own but everyone I encounter in the WordPress community is great help to my own personal achievements.

I started my diet back up two days ago and have dropped five pounds already.  I am excited about this loss.  The nice thing about this diet is that I don’t have to count calories or anything else for that matter.

Today is my busy day.  I go in to work early on Wednesdays and have a lot to get done before I go.