As I’ve stated before, I’m on Tim Ferriss’ “Slow Carb Diet”.  While I don’t want to make this blog about diet and weight loss as much as it is about building strength, I can’t deny that the two go hand in hand.  It is for that reason that I sometimes will post about diets and weight loss.  The point of the diet is to regulate insulin levels, which are directly responsible for weight gain.  Like anything else, if you do the same thing for too long your body adjusts and it isn’t as effective.  So what Tim Ferrriss says to do is have one day a week called a binge day where you eat junk that spikes your insulin levels.  There are some rules, however.  I drink grapefruit juice and coffee before every meal and do squats.  There is a lot of science behind why you do this so if you’re interested, I suggest you read his book “4 Hour Body”.  It is a great read.

Binge day starts out with stepping on the scale.  I’ve lost 5 lbs this week.  Then I got out my Omron body fat meter.  This little device tells you your BMI and your body fat percentage.  Since I’ve gained a lot of weight in the past few months, I’m sad to say, my body fat percentage is on the high side.  I am surprised, however, that it is what it is because the last time I was this weight my body fat percentage was 2% higher.  This indicates that I’ve been building muscle so my minimalist approach to workout is working.  I knew that it was working because I’m able to do more reps but now I’m able to see scientific evidence that I’m gaining muscle mass.

Body Fat Meter

The nice thing about binge day is being able to eat anything you want.  Tim Ferriss recommends that you start off with a high protein breakfast.  I had 4 eggs and two pieces of bacon.  This is what I eat every day.  I first had a small can of grapefruit juice (I believe they are 2 ounces) and a cup of coffee.  This will speed up my metabolism so my body produces the least amount of fat possible.  It will make me digest and push the following food through my system quickly:

Bacon sundae from Burger King

Yes, that is the infamous bacon sundae from Burger King.  Exactly what you should not be eating on a traditional diet.  Not this diet, however!  I have to say it was delicious.  The combination of sweet and salty was great.  I tried Denny’s maple and bacon sundae when they had it and loved it.  I think Burger King could put a little maple on this one for even more deliciousness.

For the rest of the day I decided to tone it down.  I did pick up a sub at the store but got some humus and cherries for the rest of the day.  I love to snack and later in the day I’ll put in some movies and have my humus and chips.

Due to the nature of binge day, I’ve already done 10 squats and will probably do quite a few today.  For this reason I’ve decided to take tomorrow off and have a day of rest.  My arms, shoulders and abs are quite tired today and I think an extra day will help me.  I might make this the norm every couple weeks but I’ll wait and see how I feel next week.