I managed to do 40 squats today.  This is a big deal because I feel no pain in my knees or quads.  Squats being a big part of the 4 Hour Body Slow Carb Diet I had to do a lot.  In fact, I probably should have done more but I didn’t want to injure myself.  Now my big hope is that I didn’t gain much weight today.  Usually I have all the weight that I did gain lost by Monday.  Then the rest of the week is all losing.

I had a pretty uneventful day today.  Tomorrow I have to go back to work and I’m working early.  Well, it’s early for me.  I’m working at noon.  I usually don’t go in until 6pm but I’m working early this week because they need me for something.  This will require a lot of planning on my part not only for my workout but for my diet and this blog.  I’ll get out of work at 8pm and be home by 8:30 so the blog shouldn’t be a problem.  I’m a creature of habit which is the only reason I have to do planning.  I like to do my workouts at the same time and in the same place ever day.

I designed my program to be a series of body weight workouts that can be done anywhere.  This works to my advantage except for the fact that I’ll be very busy at work this week.  I work in television which can be very crazy.  I’m going to get off my sleep schedule and get up early each day so I will have time to workout before work as I do on my normal days.  It isn’t ideal but it’ll work fine.

I’ve talked in the pat about the WordPress community but today I had a few words of encouragement from some of my fellow bloggers and it felt really great.  My success in this journey will be in large part because of the support I receive from the community of bloggers here at WordPress.  Thank you WordPress people!