I’ve been working out pretty steadily for a couple weeks now with no days off so yesterday I had a day of rest and instead of working out I sat around and was lazy.  It was great.  I watched some videos of Leo Babauta who is one of my favorite bloggers and rested my muscles.  Today I feel really great.  My body feels rested.  My only problems is I feel too rested.

I woke up, turned on the TV and made my eggs and bacon.  I had a nice breakfast with a couple cups of ice cold water and did some stretching.  Then did a set of push ups.  My muscles felt great but I had to get the blood pumping again.  I’ve been debating adding a few jumping jacks each morning to jump start the blood flow.  My fear is that they’ll prevent me from achieving my maximum amount of exercise reps.  Honestly, I can’t see that they would and I think I’m only using this as an excuse.

So as I said earlier in my post, I was watching some videos of Leo Babauta.  Leo writes a blog called ZenHabit.net.  Leo writes a lifestyle blog about living a simpler, more focused life.  His blog is one of the most popular blogs on the net and definitely worth reading.  I have been inspired by people like Leo who have achieved success by doing things that made them happy.  Tim Ferriss is another guy who inspires me.  He was unhappy in the daily grind and made a change in his life.  Tim started his own business and was unhappy with how that was going and made changes.

For me, I was tired of being out of shape.  I was tired of pulling muscles when I’d carry too many bags full of groceries (yes, this happened!).  I don’t like feeling winded after playing with my kids for only a few minutes.  My blog serves me in a few ways.  It keeps me motivated is one way.  I use WordPress as a community.  I love to read and comment on other blogs.  These other blogs inspire me daily.  It also serves as a way to document my exercises.  Seeing my progress is a real motivator.  If I hadn’t seen any progress, I would have abandoned this blog by now.  This blog also serves as a creative outlet for me to write.  I love to write and at the beginning of the year I wrote a blog called DailyFoodHoliday.com but stopped writing it when the costs to run the site went up and viewership declined.  I’m a creative person and discovered my love of writing while in film school years ago.

I absolutely love writing this blog.  Yes, there are days when I don’t feel like being creative.  Yes, I know that’s a cliche artist thing to say but that is how I feel.  Today I say to you, go out and do something you love.  Find happiness in your life.  Seek out what makes you smile and when you do it’ll make boring diets and hard workouts easier.