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So today is sit ups day.  It is also still raining.  Days like this make me want to stay in bed but alas I got up and had my eggs and bacon.  The nice thing about getting up early to go in to work early is that I’m getting home early.  It is also nice to see some of the morning guys at work.  I used to work mornings so I’m seeing a lot of my old friends.  The only problem is I didn’t drink enough water so I’m a little sore.  I am going to spend some time stretching and drink much more water today to work out the kinks.

Since I did 95 push ups yesterday and I’m thinking I want to make this my new target I plan to increase the number of sit ups I do.  I’ve heard you should increase your exercise by 10% per week but I’ve done more than this in the past.  Maybe I’ll shoot for 90.  I have been doing sets of 20 just because I can and it doesn’t take much time and I think by adding another set of 10 should be pretty easy.

I also go up and did 10 jumping jacks today.  This got my blood flowing and woke me up a little.  It wasn’t at all strenuous and it didn’t wear me out at all.  They felt great.  I’m going to start my day with 10 jumping jacks every day.  When my kids get home from Michigan I bet they’ll get a kick out of that and do them with me.  10 jumping jacks first thing works great in my minimalist workout style.

My IndieGoGo campaign seems to be going well!  I have 31 “Referrals” which are people sharing my page on social media sites!  This is awesome!  I have one contribution of $20 so far!  This is day one so I home the momentum keeps going!

I got to skype with my kids last night.  We all went up to Michigan a couple weeks ago to visit family but I had to come back to go to work.  My wife and girls are staying with my parents until next week and will be home by the 4th.  I have taken the day off on the 4th so we can go out to Cocoa Beach to watch the fireworks over the ocean.  If you’ve never seen fireworks over the ocean before I suggest you plan a trip.  There’s nothing like it.

I wish you all a wonderful day.  Stay positive, keep smiling and drink enough water!