Today I ate a breakfast that was about as yin and yang as you can get.  I ran out of eggs and didn’t feel like going to get more so I improvised.  I enjoyed two pieces of bacon and an avocado.

Avocado and Bacon

It may look like four pieces of bacon but I cut them in half before I cook them so I can cook them in this small pot that I like.  The pot has a great non-stick surface so I cook anything I can in it.  Because bacon is often considered unhealthy and avocado is considered healthy I’ve named this my yin-yang breakfast.  It is perfect for the minimalist don’t you think?  Bacon and avocado are two of my favorite foods so I really enjoyed it.

I managed to do 30 push ups before I ate.  I got a late start on breakfast.  I don’t normally like to workout before I eat some protein but I did it anyway.  I have 60 more to do by the end of the day.  Should be easy.

My wife sent me this picture of my six-year-old Zoe.  She had heart-shaped pickles in her burger!

Heart Pickels

I miss my wife and kids, they’ll be home next week.  This picture lifted my spirits and made me happy.  She’s really a good kid.