So I’m back to working late.  I’ve been working earlier since I got back from my vacation but now I’m back on my late schedule and I’m tired.  I did my 90 push ups today in the minimalist workout way.  Quite frankly I’m very tired from being off my late night schedule so long.  I got an incredibly encouraging email about this blog tonight from a reader.  It was amazing and encourages me to keep going.

Before I go I’ll give you an example of how I minimize my workout.  At work tonight I was waiting for my coffee to brew so I dropped down and did 10 push ups.  This took only a little bit of time and meant I didn’t have to stand there bored while I waited impatiently for my wonderful coffee.  I do my workout like this all day long.  It isn’t hard to find a spare 30 second moment to do some working out.

Have a wonderful night and I will say more tomorrow.