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It is a great day when you wake up and go outside and there is nothing but blue sky and sunshine as far as the eye can see!  I woke up slowly and then did 20 sit ups.  Sit ups are a great way to get the blood flowing.  They are also starting to get easier for me.  When I first started doing sets of 20 I started to feel a tightness in my abs at the 15th or 16th rep.  Now I get to the 20th rep before I feel my abs starting to become tiredn.  Because I have some extra weight in my mid section I cannot see the results visually yet but I can feel them and know that my sit ups routine is working because I’m getting better at them.  If I do five sets of 20 today I’ll have 100 done today.

When I was in high school I played basketball for my first two years.  I was tall for my age and at 6ft 1in I was a center.  The problem was I was very skinny due to the  fact that I took Ritalin for my ADD.  My coaches wanted me to be able to box out against the other teams we played and put me on a strength training program.  One thing I remember doing was 100 sit ups at practice.  I had one of the strongest set of abs in my school.  I remember how proud I was of my washboard.  To be back to the 100 mark means a lot to me.  Now, we didn’t do a minimalist workout in basketball practice.  It was more intense and I realize I have a long way to go but I thrive on milestones such as this one.

This morning I woke up and had to run out to get eggs.  It really is beautiful out there today.  Especially after the tropical storm we had go through earlier this week.  My neighborhood is the type of place that has a lot of big trees.  The beauty of where I live puts me in a great mood.  I called my wife on the way to Aldi which always puts me in a good mood.  I heard my girls arguing in the background which made me laugh.  Mostly because I didn’t have to deal with them.

I’ve been eating ground turkey almost every day for a couple of weeks now so I picked up a bag of chicken breast and some broccoli.  I also picked up some olive oil which I should be using every day.  I find that I lose weight better when I use olive oil in my cooking.  Here’s a tip-

Tim’s Tips: When buying olive oil, make sure you get it in the darkest color bottle possible  This blocks out the light and prevents the light from destroying the nutrition in it.

With these many good feelings I’m ready to go conquer the day.