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Anxiety can manifest itself in so many ways.  From OCD to flat out panic attacks anxiety can really stop a person from accomplishing their goals.  I was diagnosed with generalize anxiety disorder in 2004.  It was for a medical experiment but my job did not allow me to attend the sessions at the times they were held.  I learned things during the initial consultation that really shocked me.  I get a twitching in my knee.  Doctor didn’t need me to tell him, he asked me if I had any muscle twitching and when I confirmed he said “in your knee?”

I finally got treatment for my anxiety in late 2005 after a tough time in my life and I had to move across the country.  I was put on medication and told I should see a therapist.  While I didn’t see a therapist, and I really should have, I did a lot of research.  I found that part of the treatment for anxiety is confronting your fears and proving to yourself that you have nothing to worry about.  So that is exactly what I did.  Over the next couple years I overcame my fear of needles by getting a tattoo, I overcame my fear of phones by becoming a salesman and I got on a running program to overcome my fear of people watching me work out.

I still struggle with anxiety but I have come a long way.  I don’t care if people watch me work out or fear that I wont be able to finish my workout.  I realized that no one is making me lift a massive amount of weight.  It is perfectly okay if I do a set of 5.  If someone on a couch laughs at me then what do I have to fear besides getting fit while they’re still lazy.  I have a couple of critics and I chose to ignore them.  While that is a hard concept for people to grasp just try it sometime.  Next time it’s raining and everyone is running like their life depends on it slow down, walk, smile, sing.  Make a fool out of yourself and you’ll realize you put a smile on other people’s faces as well.  Nothing bad will happen, I promise.