Yesterday I got in my 100 sit ups.  This is my target number so I’m quite pleased.  I tend to put more value on how many sit ups I do because I used to do 100 sit ups when I was in high school.  For years I’ve wanted to get back to this mark but I never did.  My minimalist workout has gotten me there in a short period of time.  I started this program on May 25th so I’ve gone from 20 sit ups on May 26th to 100 yesterday.

Today is binge day on my “Slow Carb Diet” and I thought I’d start it off by showing you what I eat during the week.  I’m kind of a boring guy when it comes to lunch and dinner.  For breakfast I eat four eggs and two pieces of bacon.  For lunch and dinner I eat ground turkey or beef cooked with onions, peppers and beans and I add vegetables on the side.  It isn’t real exciting but it does keep me full for hours and I’ve been losing weight eating this.

What I Eat For Dinner

I use olive oil and red wine or balsamic vinegar or hot sauce and cayenne to make things more interesting and enjoy.  Today is my binge day so I get to eat anything I want and I’m going to go now and eat!