I believe I’m making real progress in my squats.  Earlier this month I had problems.  I felt a strain in my right quad and my knees hurt.  After resting and letting them heal I am happy to say I’m able to 40 squats per day with no long term pain.  I’ve done 40 already and will probably end up doing more.  Maybe not too many more but if I get to 50 then I’ll be happy.  I will shoot for another set of 10 but will proceed with caution and do two sets of five if I need to.  I do not want to hurt myself again.

While driving today I saw this guy on his motorcycle.  He was carrying a case of beer on the back.  I just thought it was a funny thing to see so I snapped a photo.

Beer on his motorcycle

When you’re on a bike you have to be creative in how you carry things and this guy found a way.  Where there’s a will, there’s always a way.  In life and on motorcycles.

Mostly I’ve sat around the house all day.  I really miss my family and cannot wait until they come home.  They leave Michigan tomorrow and will take two days to drive home.  They’ve been gone too long and I’m way more than ready to have them back.