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The good news of the day is that last night was that my family FINALLY came home.  More good news is I did 100 very confident, minimalist, sit ups yesterday.  The bad news was when my family got home I was at work.  Upon arriving home I didn’t see any lights on.  It was 3am after all.  When I opened up the door to my bedroom, however, my wife said hi to me.  My life was centered again and all was well in my universe.  We were laying there in the dark making small talk when she said “did you notice anything different about me?”  I started to guess silly things since it was so dark.

“Your dyed your hair?”


“You got a great tan?”


“You got a tatoo?”


She then lifted her foot up.  I still saw thing and thought she was joking.  Then she told me to turn on the light.  I did and saw the coolest tattoo every.

Tim Tattoo

My wife got a tattoo of my name, Tim

To me this is the sweetest tattoo I’ve ever seen!  Right before our first anniversary I got a tattoo of her lip print with her first initial “L”.  This is her second tattoo but first since we’ve been together and I really love it!  Now we both have tattoos of each other.

This post is later than usual today because my family is home.  I got up around 11:30am and decided to take them out to breakfast.  Once there my wife decided we needed to go to the store and then to another store and on to another.  It is so hot out there today but it was great to spend time with my family.

Yesterday I did 5 solid set of 20 sit ups.  Like I’ve said before, they feel as if they’re getting easier and easier to do which proves my abs are increasing their strength.  Today I have already done 20 squats and feel very good.  I’m doing to try for 50 but I do squats very cautiously ever since I strained my squads early in June.

My wife has said she wants to start working out with me but she wants to do the XBox Kinect “Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012“.  This is such a fun workout game.  I told her I’ll do it with her because she wants to do cardio to start with.  I’m always afraid cardio will hinder my strength workouts but I really could use a good cardio workout in my life.

I’ve thought about developing a minimalist approach to running and I have some idea as to how I would implement it but I’m not sure anyone would be in to it since I’m not quite sure it would train you to be a distance runner which is what most runners what to do.  Most runners what to run 5k’s or marathons.  Maybe I’m wrong.  If you’d be interested in testing a program with me then please comment below with your email address and I’ll get a hold of you.  You can also click the “Guest Blogger” page link above and email me directly.

Thank you for being such wonderful readers!  Have a great day!