Happy Independence Day!  Over the past month I’ve really enjoyed writing for all of you who have read.  I can’t wait to tell you more every day but let me start by wishing you a happy 4th of July!

So I had dinner with the vice president at work today.  I really like the guy and he seemed genuinely interested to hear the stories of me and the five other people I work with each day.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t diet friendly food.  Especially the big cake at the end.  I enjoyed chicken, stuffing, mashed potatoes and green beans as well.  Tomorrow being the 4th of July, one of my favorite holidays, I have bratwurst waiting for me.  Again, an assault on my diet.  So I may gain 3 or 4 pound.  It’ll come off.  I’m not worried about it.  There are times in our lives when it will be important to eat and I think it is ok to eat.  The rest of the time we should be mindful and eat right.

I finished my 50 squats today.  I still feel a little pain in my knees while I’m doing them.  It doesn’t carry on after I’m finished so I’m chalking it up to unexercised legs.  I’m hoping in another month I’ll be doing squats no problem.  It is late now and I’m going to bed.  Have a wonderful independence day and don’t eat too many hot dogs.