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The Problem

From time to time I look at my analytics provided by WordPress and find out where my readers are coming from.  Today I was looking through the list of all time keywords that people used in Google to find us and found out something interesting.  A lot of people have found this blog by searching for “how to do easier ______”.  They’re looking for ways to make sit ups and push ups easier.  I thought I would address that tonight for people who are searching for a better way.

The Solution

The day I decided to start my minimalist workout I did sets of five sit ups.  I ended up doing 20 total sit ups my first full day.  How did I make them easier?  I didn’t push myself and exhaust my muscles in each set.  I did less reps per set and did a modest amount of sets.

But maybe there was more to why people were searching for an easier way to do sit ups or push ups. I headed over to Yahoo and Google and did searches for easier way to do sit ups and was surprised to find web paged titled how to do easier sit ups or push ups.  With that said, the content I found was not exactly what I was looking for.  The fact is a sit up is a sit up and a push up is a push up and there aren’t really any easier ways to do them.  If you are having trouble doing push ups you can do wall push ups or knee push ups but eventually you’ll want to switch to doing them on your toes.  They will not get easier until you get stronger.

If you try to do sit ups until you cannot do them anymore you will feel a lot of pain in your abs.  The trick is the minimalist, less is more approach.  Start slow, do five reps of each exercise.  Do one workout per day (sit ups, push ups, squats) and try to do three to four sets of five when you’re starting out.  After a week increase that number by a set or you can do more reps.  The trick is to not wear yourself out.  You will build muscle but not kill yourself in the process.  Listen to your body and remember two things:

  1. It is impossible to be in peak physical condition in a day so don’t try to be.
  2. Going at a slow but steady pace will make you stronger faster than if you go too fast and hurt yourself.

It took me 15 years to get this out of shape and it will take me time to get back in peak condition.  I’ve made big progress and you will too!