It’s after 1pm right now and I’m just emerging from my bedroom.  I feel really tired today.  I need more energy.  I’m not sure why, it’s just one of those days I suppose.   I’m going to make a breakfast (yes, I know it is late) of eggs and bacon and make some coffee and then do some squats.  I don’t work today so I have all day.  I’m considering adding another set of 10.  Once I get to 50 I’m going to evaluate how I feel and either stop, do two more sets of five or do a set of 10.  So wish me luck!

My 4 year old loves “up and down” day.  That’s what she calls squats!  She loves to run over and do them with me even though she gets in about three in the time I do 10.  It is one of the cutest things you’ve ever seen.  The fun part about working out, for me, is getting my kids involved.  I’m hoping they keep up with the workouts and make fitness a lifestyle when they get older.  As a kid I was very active in sports.  My 14 year old shows no interest in sports but likes playing piano.  My 6 year old shows interest in sports at times and my 4 year old seems very sporty.

Yesterday was 100 sit ups day and today is 50 or 60 squats day.  Should be a cracker of a day!