Today is a beautiful day in Central Florida.  It is cooler than much of the country and the sun is shining.  It is a great day to be alive and I feel blessed to live here.  I got up and went to Publix to get some things for my binge day (Slow Carb Diet).  I’ve been trying to get things that will spike my insulin levels the way binge day is intended for yet not make me feel so bogged down the way biscuits and donuts do.  I picked up a big bag of cherries, some humus, some donuts (I only had one!) and my grapefruit juice.  My wife is going out to Wal-Mart later and is picking up a big deli sub for me.  I eat one half for lunch and another for dinner.  This is a great way to binge.

Yesterday was a great because I did 60 squats and didn’t injure myself.  I’ve been very cautious with my squats ever since I strained my right quad in early June.  I’m sure my regular readers are sick of hearing me say that.  I cut back to 20 reps and have increased to 60.  My squats are still behind where my push ups and sit ups are but I’m progressing really well.  My problem when I started was doing squats two days in a row and resting one day.  I’ve adopted a better routine where I do one exercise per day (push ups, squats or sit ups) and have two days in between before I do that exercise again.  It allows me to quickly progress and allows me time to rest each muscle group.

Yesterday I had a comment on one of my posts from Carolyn Sands who told me she likes doing water aerobics.  This reminded me of a time when I was unable to do much exercise.  It was 2002 and I wasn’t exercising much to begin with but being injured made me wish I could be more active.  I would go to the pool every day swim with my future step daughter.  After spending an hour or two in the pool my neck and back would feel so much better.  After a couple of years in pain I hired a lawyer who got the insurance company to pay for me to see a chiropractor.  2 visits per week for 9 months and I was fixed for the most part.  While seeing him I would also see a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine named Dr. Oakes who would come in from Tampa (to Orlando area).  He was in to weight lifting and working out and told me of a time when he injured his shoulder.  When he was healed to a certain point where he was physically fine he still had pain.  Being a doctor, he knew that working out wouldn’t hurt him so he did so despite the pain.  After some time the pain went away.  He told me that working out would not hurt me and that if I worked out my body would release endorphins which would help me with my pain.

The moral of the story was that despite your pain, the real problem you might have in lack of a workout routine.  Working out in a pool is a great low impact way to release the endorphins and heal the pain.  I do have to put a disclaimer on this post and say you should only workout when ready and you should get yourself cleared by a doctor if you have pain that makes working out difficult or other injuries.  If you live in the Tampa area you should seek out Dr. Oakes.  Unfortunately, my chiropractor is no longer in the location he was before and I don’t know if he still practices in the area and/or if Dr. Oakes still comes out this way once a month.