I’m to the point in my diet where I’ve kicked the cravings and my withdrawal symptoms from carb and sugar addiction have gone away.  A couple of weeks ago it was a different story.  Since my struggle has been such a popular topic, I’ve decided to offer up a few tips on how to beat the cravings and make it through the two to three weeks of crab withdrawal.

Cut Out The Diet Soda

Diet soda has been shown to increase the carb withdrawal symptoms.  While diet sodas do not contain sugar, they still contain aspartame which makes our bodies crave carbs.  They cause us to eat more which pretty much gives you no reason to drink these zero calorie beverages.  Stick with water.  Many diets will allow diet soda but in the end the cravings it causes will not be worth it.

Have Yourself Some Cinnamon

When I was experiencing my carb withdrawal symptoms it was suggested by my friend Aaron who is very knowledgeable in nutrition that cinnamon can help make the symptoms subside because it regulates insulin levels.  I did some research and found that cinnamon can decrease sugar cravings by increasing insulin sensitivity.  Not only that but it is shown to lower your blood levels of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides.  For this reason, cinnamon is a must for any diet.

Take Your Omega-3’s!

The benefits of taking omega-3’s are seemingly endless.  They have been shown to increase energy levels and reduce anxiety which can help with your carb withdrawal symptoms.  Omega-3’s also increase brain function and help regulate your mood.  Why wouldn’t you take them?  I buy Fish Oil in an all natural liquid gel and take them with my meals.  After you take them for a little while you will find you are more clear-headed and don’t crave sugars as much.

Wrapping It All Up

As always, drinking plenty of water is also beneficial.  When starting a new diet be sure to anticipate some level of cravings but know going in that these cravings will be gone in two to three weeks.  Once you get past that point you will be on your way to a healthier happier life.