I didn’t write about my diet or exercise yesterday.  I woke up and had to work early again, my kids needed everything and I wanted to get in my squats and make my slow carb food before I left for work.  So to recap, Wednesday I did my 110 sit ups and yesterday I did 60 squats.  The squats are definitely getting easier ever time I do them.

This past week has been tough as far as losing weight is concerned.  I didn’t eat well between a company dinner, 4th of July and then binge day.  This week I’ve been on track but haven’t lost the weight I gained last week.  In fact, I’m up a pound.  Its kind of disheartening since today I’m doing my binge day despite the fact that it’s only Friday.  You see, my family and I are big fans of Chick-Fil-A and today is their Cow Appreciation day.  If you come in dressed like a cow they give you a free meal.  Not a bad deal!  We love it.  Today is also my company mini golf party.  They have free mini golf for all the employees and, of course, food.  It would have been hard to stick with my diet today so I’m doing the binge day as a results.

I’m hoping for a good binge day and a decent amount of weight loss next week.  Usually I lose all my binge day weight by Monday.  I think this week was too much for my body and I just didn’t lose like I had hoped.  It has me down but this isn’t the first time I’ve struggled and it wont be the last so I’m going to push on and keep going.

Today is push ups day and I have a lot to do so I better go and get started.  I also need to drink some water!