One of the blogs I follow is called “Truth About Exercise” written by Alastair.  Today’s post showed an app on the BBC website where you put in your information and they show you how you compare to the rest of the world in BMI.  I put my information in the app and found the following global fat scale results for my BMI.

Global Fat Scale - BMI

According to this app, my BMI is 29.  My fat loss meter said a couple of weeks ago that I was at 27.  I probably have a fair amount of muscle built up.  Either way, this puts me above average for BMI, even considering that our country (America) has a weight problem.

I would encourage you to visit the app at  It’ll give you a comparison of your BMI to other countries in the world.  At the top of the app if you click “See It In Action” you can read about a few people that they tested this on and what their BMI was.  I’m hoping my BMI will fall fairly quickly now that I’m on a diet and working out.

The equation to calculate you BMI which can be found on Wikipedia.  I’d rather use this BBC app to calculate it however as I’m poor at math.