Yesterday was a very busy day and yes there were a lot of push ups.  Luckily it was my binge day on my slow carb diet.

Every year Chick-Fil-A has cow appreciation day where if you dress like a cow they give you a free chicken sandwich meal.  As a Chick-Fil-A fanatic this is too good to pass up.  Yes, I looked silly with spots, a snout and ears but the free chicken sandwich was 100% worth it.

Chick-Fil-A Cow Appreciation Day

My kids love getting in on it as well.  The little ones eat and go play in the play place while my wife and I chat.  My step daughter is 14 so she spends her time texting her friends.  It’s actually a nice time for the kids to play and my wife and I to enjoy each other’s company uninterrupted for a while.

Later in the day we headed over to a mini golf course where the company I work for had a party.  Universal (the theme park) catered and they served mini burgers, fries and Korean BBQ Tacos which were amazing!  They also had cookies, brownies and ice cream.

Autumn and Tim

After dinner we hit the links where my step daughter quickly informed me that she was going to kick my butt in mini golf.  I told her it wasn’t likely but she could try her best.  So we let the two little girls (they’re 6 and 4) play each hole before Autumn and I played.  In the end I shot a 35 on a par 43 and Autumn shot a 42.  She didn’t do bad but I had to talk a little trash.

I gotta enjoy being able to beat my kids before they get older and start beating me.  When Autumn was much younger I used to take her to play mini golf and she would shoot a higher score than me, obviously.  She thought she won and I just let her think that until one day she figured out the lower score won.

We got home around 10 and the little ones were complaining that they were tired so I put them to bed.  I sat down with my wife to watch TV, drink water and do push ups.  I got to 95 and decided to do another set of 15.  Once I got to 110 I figured I’d see if I could do 120.  For some reason this didn’t seem like enough.  Doing sets of 10 at this point was pretty easy.  I decided to keep going and got to 130.  By then my wife was tired and wanted to go to bed.  I figured 130 push ups was a great number, especially when the workout is called a minimalist workout, so I went to bed as well.

This morning I’m not really sore but my arms and shoulders are tired.  I’m certain I could have made it to at least 150.  Honestly, at this point I don’t know what my limit is.  I’d love to find out but that’ll probably have to wait until next weekend.

Today is sit ups day.  My sit ups are jealous of my push ups and want to shoot for 130.  We’ll see what happens.  I bet I can do it.  Decreasing the number of reps per set later in the day seems to give me an advantage to go longer.