So yesterday I wrote about how I got 130 push ups in throughout the day on Friday.  Yesterday I got in 130 sit ups to match.  This is 30% more than I was doing last week.  It is a big accomplishment for me and I’m quite encouraged by it.  While this may not be much to some people, it is a lot to me.  I also want to stress that in late May I was only able to do 25 push ups and 20 sit ups in sets of 5.  By doing a little here and a little there I’ve made a lot of progress.  If I felt like this was too much work I probably would have quit in June when I went on vacation.  Instead, my workout feels minimal and I’ve continued daily.

Yesterday I started week two of couch to 5k.  I never did get in week 1, day 3 but felt I could handle week two.  The run was good.  Toward the end I was getting a little tired.  It is a lot of work.  This week I run for 1 min 30 seconds and walk for 2 minutes.  I do intervals of this for 20 minutes.  I really enjoy being able to run long distances and when I used to run my lungs felt really good.  I cannot wait to complete the nine week program.

A couple of people have commented on my posts and inquired about cinnamon.  Cinnamon is great for a diet because it increases insulin levels and has a host of other benefits.  I have grown accustom to cinnamon in my water.  Our tastes adapt very quickly to things if we keep eating them.  I also like cinnamon and stevia in my morning coffee.  Stevia is a natural sweetener that does not affect insulin levels and does not have calories.

Sweet Leaf Stevia And Cinnamon

Whole Foods sells Sweet Leaf brand liquid stevia in a variety of flavors.  I really enjoy the chocolate.  I put about 7 drops of this in my coffee with a couple taps of cinnamon to taste for a deliciously sweet snack.  I highly recommend stevia if you are craving sweets.  It is an excellent alternative to sugar and I actually enjoy it more than sugar.  Be careful, however.  You can buy stevia packets in any grocery store under names like truvia.  These are not pure stevia.  Truvia contains erythritol (a sugar alcohol similar to xylitol)  and rebiana.  Sweet Leaf contains insulin soluble fiber and stevia.  Publix carries sweet leaf in packets and you can find it with the sugar.  As always, it is important to read labels and my recommendation is to always choose the most natural product.