Yesterday I managed 140 push ups.  Last weekend when I did 130 I speculated that I could do a lot more if I reduced the amount of reps I did per set once I got past 100.  While this may be true, I did 140 after all, I think I might be pushing it a little and becoming more focused on achieving the higher numbers instead of proper training.  I am almost addicted to pushing myself further and further and am in danger of losing track of my original goal which was to maximize the results with minimal effort.  Is is called minimalist workout after all.  130 is a great number and 140 is even better, however, while I was able to do 140 and contemplated doing two more sets of 5 to get to 150 I feel like my muscles were becoming exhausted.  I do not want to push myself to hard and risk injury or mental burn out so I’m going to be happy with my 140 yesterday and go back to 130 for the remainder of the week.

My couch to 5k running program is going quite well.  I did week 2, day 2 yesterday and felt great doing it.  Yes, I was quite tired and dripping sweat.  It is a good feeling to be running and the more I run the more I love my shoes.  Yes, it makes me love my shoes!  I had a foot problem a couple of years ago called plantar fasciitis.  For several months I could barely walk and I kept seeing a podiatrist who ultimately told me I would need surgery.  If you’ve never seen the surgery to correct plantar fasciitis consider yourself lucky.  It is horrific.

The day he told me this I came home and started doing research online and found that a properly fitted pair of running shoes would make a big difference.  The closest running store to me at that time was well over an hour away but it was better than a surgery with a 15% failure rate, according to the doctor.  I was helped by a guy who said he sees half a dozen people a day with my condition and that my doctor should have given me the advice to get a good pair of shoes.  The salesman gave me a lot of advice and fitted me for a pair of Adidas running shoes.  That day my problems started to fade and here I am running again.

I love my readers and welcome everyone’s thoughts on what I’ve written.  I had a visit from someone who, I assume, read one page on my site and told me they didn’t think my workout would work but good luck.  I responded that I went from 25 push ups per day to 140 in a month and a half and that I think it’s working fine.  I welcome people’s opinions, in fact, this comment gives me motivation to keep going.  Plenty of people in history have been told they couldn’t do something and then went out and proved their critics wrong.  When you tell me I can’t you put me in the same category with some amazing people so did.

One example was Edward Jenner, a doctor in the late 1700’s, who theorized that cowpox would work as a vaccination against smallpox which had killed a large number of people.  He was criticized for his assumption yet everyone he injected with cowpox seemed immune to smallpox.  In the end Jenner was proven right and smallpox was eradicated.

Don’t listen to your critics.  Go out and do what you gotta do and eventually you’ll be successful.