I’ve been up and down lately with my diet.  My slow carb diet is designed to keep my insulin levels low so my body can burn fat instead of make it.  The problem is that little bumps in the road can make a big difference.  We’re in the middle of a very big week at work and when we have busy weeks like this the company caters lunch for us.  I really wanted to avoid all the food they brought in except the salad.  Unfortunately, by the time I got to the lunch table the salad was gone.  No worries, I had my own food in the fridge.  Later in the evening I was getting myself a cup of coffee when the sausage started calling me.  In a moment of absent-mindedness I grabbed a small piece and ate it.  The sausage is cut into roughly one inch pieces.

This morning I weighed myself and gained a pound and a half.  I have a hard time learning this lesson for some reason.  If I don’t make it myself, I don’t know what’s in it, I’m taking a huge risk.  It dawned on me a few minutes after I ate the sausage that sometimes they put sugar in sausage.  Sugar spikes insulin levels which results in weight gain.  While I don’t know all the ins and out of weight loss and gain but I know I wont be indulging in the catering at work the rest of the week.

Yesterday wasn’t a total bad day.  I got my 130 sit ups in before bed and feel accomplished in that regard.  Today is my running day so hopefully that’ll make a difference.  It is my final day of week two in couch to 5k.  My legs are tired and it is squats day so it wont be fun but it’ll be doable.