I want to propose a conspiracy theory.  It may be totally wrong but I need to believe this to stick to a healthy diet.  I believe the food industry puts sugar in everything to keep us addicted the same way cigarette companies have their consumers addicted.  Yes, this may be way off! Maybe the people who work at food companies just like sugar themselves and figure it would be delicious if they included it in food that don’t need it.

I ran out of beans this week and ran to the store to grab a can of beans.  I have been very careful about reading food labels lately because I bought a can of beans a while back that had sugar in it.  I was astonished to pick up a can of red beans and find the following ingredients list.

Why It Is Important To Read Food Labels - Sugar

Why we can’t have beans without cane syrup and high fructose corn syrup is beyond me.  The beans also contain Disodium Edta which can also be found in cleaning supplies.  Disodium edta, when it is eaten with vitamin C or baking soda will combine to form benzenes, a potent carcinogen.

It’s a can of red beans.  It doesn’t need sugar but they added sugar.  And once they added sugar (cane syrup) they decided they needed to add more sugar (high fructose corn syrup).  Do we need our beans to be that sweet?  Maybe.

I’ve read that food companies spend millions every year finding ways to make their food taste better.  Me, I’m happy for food to taste like food.  If you go on a diet of healthy, unprocessed food without all the added sugars and chemicals you will find that the food you used to love is too sweet.  Your body adapts fairly quickly and you’ll enjoy eating clean.

If you don’t believe me that sugar is addicted then try to cut it out of your diet in every form.  After I did I experienced withdrawal symptoms that I wrote about previously.

The redeeming quality is their money back guarantee.  I didn’t buy this can, however.  I would have gained two pound from eating it.  I ended up buying a can of black beans that didn’t have any sugars or chemicals.

On a final note, I did 130 push ups yesterday but failed to drink enough water.  The result is a little soreness but I did some stretching and have been drinking water all morning and seem to be loosening up.  It’s sit ups day!