I saw some old friends today.  I hadn’t noticed them before but by accident I noticed them today.  I was lifting my arm to bush the hair out of my face in the bathroom when my thumb caught my shirt and lifted it up.  I only got a quick glance but there they were.  My abs. Okay, so I still have quite a bit of fat on my belly but I swear my abs are peaking up over the top of it near my ribs.  I stopped to admire for a minute before remembering it would take a lot more work to return them to their former glory.  All those sit ups are working.

Yesterday was a fun day for my family.  For one, it was my slow carb diet binge day and I got to eat a lot of tasty food.  I gained 4lbs which isn’t bad and should have it lost by Monday.  I had a great run.  It was day one of week three on couch to 5k.  It was a tough run.  I ran for 90 seconds, walk for 90 seconds, run for 3 minutes, walk for three minutes and repeat.  I was drenched in sweat and incredibly tired when I stumbled home but I made it.  On top of that I did 80 squats.  While logic would tell you that my legs should be worn out, I also took an ice bath with 16 lbs of ice.  I honestly feel great this morning.  My legs feel a little tired but I bet I could run again today.  I wont, however, I am going to rest my legs!

80 squats was a good increase over last week.  My high was 70 but my last squats day I only did 60.  My legs are definitely getting stronger.  I went to lift my leg yesterday and noticed a lot more muscle than what I had previously seem.  It is really incredible.  I’ve discovered so many great new muscles popping up all over in the past few days that it’s really making me feel good about myself and my minimalist workout.  I feel the little effort I’ve put in each day have given me some great results which has given me a lot of confidence in myself.

I’ve also been seeing my body fat percentage going down.  If you’d like to calculate your body fat percentage you can do so at this site: http://www.healthstatus.com/cgi-bin/calc/calculator.cgi

Today is push ups day and I need to run to get my breakfast in.