I have often wondered how many calories I get in an average day on my slow carb diet.  To me, it would seem logical that I get far more than my daily allotment of calories because a little bit of sugar can have a profound effect on my weight loss.  When my wife told me my neighbor was worried about my liver because I’m eating a high amount of protein I got worries.  While I do get eat a lot of protein, I also drink a lot of water.

I’ve read in the past that you must drink a lot of water when on this diet.  In fact, I did some calculations and found that I drank two liters of water before lunch.  There are 33.8 ounces in a liter and I drink out of a cup that is 20 ounces.  In fact, I drink several cups a day of ice cold water out of my 20 ounce cup.

Never the less, I decided to consult and expert and emailed Megan from http://learnnutritionwithme.com/.  She explained that drinking several liters of water per day, which I do, will dilute the protein and that I should be fine.  Still, being curious, I wondered just how much protein and calories I eat.  I decided to track my food intake online today.

Totals: 1439 92 69 115
Your Daily Goal: 2,020 – 2,370 255 – 369 50 – 88 60 – 199
Remaining Today: 581 – 931 163 – 277 0 – 19 0 – 84

I am a food lover who is always afraid of being hungry.  If this isn’t a selling point for my diet, I don’t know what is.  Not only am I not getting enough calories on this diet, I don’t get the maximum amount of protein.  I also don’t eat enough carbs or fat.  My carbs actually come entirely from beans and vegetables which are the healthiest kind.

I feel great, I’m losing weight and I’m not really going overboard on anything.