I’ve been trying to find the perfect tracking software (app for you youngsters) to track my exercises.  Yes, I can track everything with an excel spreadsheet and make a nice graph to show how I’ve gone from 25 push ups to 140 or from 20 sit ups to 160.  I would, however, like to be lazy and let a website or phone app do it for me.  Something I could use anywhere.  I have tried several of the popular websites and they all seem to track everything the same way.  For example, I put in that I did 100 push ups and it converts them to 5 minutes of fitness and 0 calories burned.  I eat well and run three times a week and use push ups for strength.  I’d like to see from day-to-day how many push ups I’ve done, not how many minutes it says I spent doing these exercises.

With that said, 5 minutes is about how long it takes me to do a total of 100 push ups.  I went on to do 40 more push ups yesterday for a total of 140.  I love the fact that I can tell people you can spend 5 non-consecutive minutes per day working out to make a difference in your life.

Today is couch to 5k day 2 of week 3.  Day 1 was quite hard but after a cold ice bath I felt much better.  The problem is, today I don’t have 16 lbs of ice but I should be fine.  I’m doing great, I feel great and I don’t want to go back to being out of shape again.

Speaking of ice baths, I am planning to write a good post on the science behind the ice bath but I have a lot of research to do.  I’m sure a lot of readers are wondering why I am taking ice baths.  My kids sure wonder.  Hopefully in the next week or two.  There is a lot of information out there and I want my post to be complete.