Yesterday was a busy day.  I did 100 squats.  A big number for me!

I enjoy Saturdays for many reasons but one of the big reasons is being able to eat whatever I want.  I didn’t really go crazy this week, however.  I enjoyed a large sub from a local Italian restaurant and some chips and brownies later in the day.  I only gained 3 lbs which should be easy to work off this week.  Last week I did well until Wednesday when I ate a pickle.  I woke up Thursday and had gained over 3lbs.  Pickles are okay to have on slow carb diet and this pickle contained no sugar.  The only thing I can think of is there was salt in the pickle and I retained water.  I do drink a lot of water but I should have lost that water weight pretty quickly.  Unfortunately I didn’t.  Those last two days of my week are where I really lose and I ended up being the same weight yesterday as I was the week before.  This week I have decided to stick to my normal foods and not eat anything outside of the norm.

I also got back on the treadmill yesterday.  I hadn’t run in a week and after running some errands for a couple of hours I came home and went running without drinking enough water.  This was a big mistake and even though I completed my run, it as a very difficult run.  It was Week 3, Day 2 of couch to 5k.  I ran a total of 9 minutes but the to longest runs were 3 minutes each.  Couch to 5k is an interval based training program that has you run longer intervals each week.  I do not like to struggle in my runs but at least I finished. Monday I will finish my week 3 runs and I’ll be sure to drink plenty of water prior to running.

My wife is talking about us running in a color run together.  It is a 5k where people throw colorful powder at you and by the end of it your clothes are all colorful.  I want to run a tough mudder which is more of an obstacle course type run.  A friend of mine from Michigan is running in one next summer and I would like to run in it as well.  If I’m not able to make it up to Michigan then I may try to enter the one in Jacksonville.  If I feel ready I might even do the run in Tampa in December.

When I was a scrawny kid (I was quite skinny) I used to stick my shoulder blades out to make my friends laugh.  I didn’t just stick them out, they were way out there!  I could have floated on water and used them as sails.  Over the past year I’ve worked on my posture and felt I had made some improvements.  A couple of days ago my wife took a video of me doing push ups and showed me how my shoulders stuck out so far while I do them.  I was horrified.  My back was straight but I looked like a hunch back!

I have a good friend that I met on twitter.  We’ve actually never met in real life but we email back and forth.  His name is Aaron and he is a weight lifter who has plans to compete in weight lifting.  He lifts weight that would break my arms off if I tried to lift it.  I asked him for advice on my shoulder blades and he prescribed some exercises for me.  One of which I needed a set of 10 lb weights.  The el cheapo in me ended up at Play It Again Sports where I picked up a couple of  10 lb hand weights that look like they got someone in good shape.  They show signs of use but to me that’s personality.  After my run I did a bat wing exercise  for my back and never knew how heavy 10 lbs could feel.  Aaron got a kick out of this but assured me that working small muscles like that will make a big difference in the future.

While weight training was not part of my original plan, I have a weak back that needs some attention.  The weights were only $12 and they’re easy to carry around so it wasn’t a big deal to pick them up.

Today is push ups day and I’m struggling with them.  I did 200 push ups  on Thursday.  I don’t believe this is why I’m struggling.  I believe it is from my bat wing exercise.  I may have to scale back my push ups a little bit in order to get my back muscles caught up.  In the long run it should help me overall.

I do feel like my minimalist workout is helping.  I’m seeing muscles develop and feel stronger all the time.  It is all about dedication.  I started a plan and stuck to it.  A little here and there, not even hard work, and here I am two months later doing things I never imagined I could do.  Wish me luck on the rest of today’s push ups!