I struggled with my push ups yesterday.  Still, I managed to do 150.  The last set of 25 was surprisingly easier than the first set of 25.  The minimalist in my says that it is okay that I didn’t get in 200 push ups like I did last week.  The statistic obsessed guy in me was slightly disappointed.  Still, working on my back has become more important and if I was able to get to 200 before doing back workouts I can do it going forward.  Besides, 150 is still a good workout and will build muscle.

Today is one of those days where I feel tired and don’t want to workout.  I need to run today but I need to get to the grocery store as well.  I have a lot of sit ups to do but I’ll get them in.  I’ve found on days like today where I just get up and make myself go I perform very well.  Saturday I had a bad run because I didn’t hydrate enough.  Today I’m determined not to have that problem again.

I’ve also decided to work on my back muscles on the days I run.  The workout room I run in has some nice weights and benches where I can do my Batwing exercise, face pulls, and overhead band pull apart.  These exercises were given to my, as I’ve said before, by my friend Aaron.  They are designed to work the muscles in my back.  The reason for this is because my shoulder blades are starting to stick out too far due to the fact that my pecs have become so strong.  It is very obvious when I do push ups.  I lovingly call these exercises “Push up killers” because they have made my push ups harder and knocked 50 reps off my high score!