The squat is good, the squat is strong.

After starting a workout plan recently that includes my back has given my lower body a chance to catch up to my upper body.  My legs got off to a slow start after I pushed myself too hard and had to cut back.  Yesterday I did 100 squats.  This is on par with what I’ve been doing with my sit ups and push ups.  As my back strengthens I will build my push ups and sit ups back up to where I was previously.  My hope is that my squats will yield the same results.

One big reason people are afraid to start a workout program is because of what people will say to them.  We live in a world full of negativity and when you start a workout program you can be afraid of failure.  Fearing that people will make negative comments is a powerful type of anxiety.  I assure you, however, people will respond positively.  I have proof.  Some of my friends, as much as I love them, are incredibly negative.  The response to what I’ve been doing has been incredibly positive.  I have friends who have started working out in a similar way to me and others who have found their own way.  I spoke to an old friend last night who owns a lawn service and is looking at ways of staying in shape over the winter.  It’s spreading.

It is said that a positive thought is 100 times more powerful than a negative thought.  In my experience you have to learn to allow positive thoughts and words into your life.  The more you accept the positive, the less you’ll be able to hear the negative.  You will find that your positive actions will become infectious.  You will inspire others to do positive things in their own lives.

So what will people say about your workout? They’ll say “I really need to start a program like your’s.”  It’s a good feeling and your natural response will be “how can I help?”

Go inspire.