Today is a busy day.  It is also 1:30pm and I’ve done nothing…. scratch that, it’s 1:30pm and I’ve done no exercise.  I did make a run to Walmart for bacon and eggs and enjoyed my drive through beautiful Casselberry, FL.  I absolutely love living here by the way.

Yesterday was my push ups day.  I did 100 of them and probably could have done more but I wanted to see how they affected my back and shoulder exercises I have to do today.  If all goes well I’ll add more push ups in two days and do my back and shoulders the day after.

In 4-Hour Body, Tim Ferriss demonstrates how successful you can be at things if you practice self experimentation.  Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered what the body standing there is capable of?  Yes, you may be out of shape, you may have aches and pains and be tired but what are you capable of?  This is how I got started.  My back hurt, my knees hurt, I was tired all the time.  I honestly wondered if I was too old to make a difference in my life.

When Tim Ferriss spoke at Google he showed a graph that blew me away.  This guy who I saw as a superhuman was more like subhuman.  Through a painful procedure he had his muscle fibers removed and analyzed and the results were starling.  He was told that because of his genetics he would have trouble finishing a 5k.  However, because of his training he has been able to chang his capabilities.  The video below is his speech at the Googleplex.  It is a little graphic in the beginning.  He shows doctors digging in his muscles to take samples.  I recommend starting at about 4:00.

Today I encourage you to experiment on yourself.  I’m not saying you have to be studied by a doctor but go out and do some push ups or run and see how far you get.  Listen to your body, keep track of what you’ve accomplished and stop when you’re tired.  I promise you this, if you do this three times in a week then you will improve the following week.  You don’t have to push yourself further than you’re able to but you will get stronger each time you get off the couch and work out.  Even if you follow my Minimalist Workout.