Push ups have been hard to come by these days.  After my sadistic friend Aaron sabotaged me with crazy back and shoulder exercises I went from 200 push ups per day to 100.  I got news for you! I may have been knocked down for a time but I’m climbing my way back up.  I managed 125 yesterday.  The first set I did I only managed to do 20 which put me behind.  The three sets after were sets of 25.  Once I got to 95 I did shorter sets of 15 because it was later in the day and my arms were tired from push ups and running.

Yesterday I ran Week 4, Day 4 of Couch to 5k.  When I ran c25k in 2008 I struggled.  My shins burned after each run and I had to ice them.  The next day my legs hurt pretty bad and my quad muscles were beyond tired.  I remember thinking I could probably run further if my legs could carry me.  It took me 5 months to complete the 9 week program because I would have to take extra days off in between runs because I worried about injury.

This time around I have an awesome pair of running shoes.  Now let me elaborate on that for a minute before I continue.  I didn’t go out and buy a fancy pair of shoes that look cool or have some gimmick behind them.  They’re not all kinds of great colors and to my knowledge they aren’t the kind of shoes Usain Bolt or the great Kenyan distance runners wear.  My shoes fit me.  I went to a running store and got fitted for a pair that matched my gait.  For those who are unfamiliar with the term “gait”, it is in a nutshell how your walk.  Everyone’s mechanics are different.  We’re all built a little different and this is why shoe companies make so many different kinds of running shoes.

In my case I overpronate.  Because of this I need more support in my arches and control in my heel.  This puts my foot in the proper position to run without causing damage to my muscles.  In my case, I didn’t discover this until I ended up with a bad case of Plantar Fasciitis in 2010.  I believe I got this condition in part because I tore my calf muscle in 2007 but getting the right pair of shoes for my gait drastically improved my condition almost instantly.  For me it was the Adidas Supernova Sequence 4 but you should be gait tested at a running store to ensure you get the proper shoes for your foot type.

A friend of mine actually sent me an article that said you don’t need any fancy shoes or shirts to work out.  Generally I believe this but if you are going to run and are anything but a neutral runner, you need proper shoes.  My shoes didn’t cost as much as they do on the Adidas website.  I’d recommend looking for a better price at a running store.

Now back to my current situation.  I’ve been near sedentary since 2009 and especially out of shape since my foot problem in 2010.  I am more out of shape now than I was when I did c25k in 2008 and was 50lbs heavier.  I did only two days of Week 1 and while Day 1 of Week 4 was a struggle, Day 2 was pretty much a breeze.  My shins have no pain at all and my legs feel pretty good after a run.  My arms are what get tired after a run.  This doesn’t seem logical but I am going to assume it is because I’m holding them up and swinging them for 30 minutes.  I am excited to be able to complete the program in the allotted 9 weeks.

I realize I have two more runs to before I get to my half way point but I like to feel like I’m half way there already.  It makes me feel more confident.  The way you feel about something is 90% of doing it in my opinion.

Today is my sit ups day and I’m hoping to increase my number from 100 to at least 125 to match my push ups.  I’d also be happy if I got in 130.  It is kind of late in the day and I’m off to a slow start but I feel I can catch up pretty quickly.  Have a great day!