I’m trying not to make this blog all about C25K.  I just think it is a more interesting subject than telling you how many sit ups, push ups or squats I did the previous day.  I have already proven my theory that you can start out doing low rep sets of a certain exercise, do a few sets throughout the day, not take much time doing them, not have to dedicate a block of time each day and still pack on the muscle.  I have found that certain added exercises, my back exercises for example, have hindered my progress but I’m better off in the long run.  I did 140 push ups yesterday and would have had no problem doing more but I forgot to do one more set before bed.  I’m back to the point where I am increasing my numbers while getting my back and shoulders in shape as well.  I had no doubt I would because I’ve proved I could before.

Yesterday was also my Week 5, Day 1 of couch to 5k.  I wrote about it yesterday but I wanted to mention it again.  Week 5 is a pivotal week for c25k.  Most people would say you become a runner the day you first walk out your door and run.  I agree with this but I say the day you finally realize you’re a runner in week 5 of c25k.  The week starts with three 5 minute runs and ends with a run of 20 minutes non-stop.  Most people look at that day on the calendar in terror.  I know I did in 2008 when I first ran the program.  Week 5 takes you from 15 minutes of running in intervals to 16 on day 2 to 20 minutes on day 3.  It is a fun week.  This is what I’m up against this week and I can’t wait to finish that 20 minute run and feel like a runner again.

I follow and read a lot of blogs on WordPress.  I love the sense of community here and enjoy hearing about other people’s accomplishments.  Yesterday I was reading a post where someone mentioned apple cider vinegar (or acv as I like to call it) as something that regulates blood sugar levels.  Regulating blood sugar levels is kind of my thing so I did more research.  In my research I found this to be true.  ACV is also beneficial to people with diabetes for this same reason.  In one study, ACV was given to participants in the evening before bed.  They each took two tablespoons.  In the morning their glucose levels were 4%-6% lower than if they hadn’t taken acv.

Apple Cider Vinegar has also been shown to lower blood pressure, kill or slow the growth of cancer cells and keep you full longer.  I have also used it to get rid of the hiccups. No kidding, a tablespoon gets rid of them right away.

While most people don’t want to sit and drink acv, I admit I have actually done this on more than one occasion and I can’t see everyone being willing to do this, there are some ways you can work ACV into your diet.  For one, you can mix it with lemon and steevia to make it not as bad.  I’ve also seen it mixed with cayenne in a recipe called a California Kicker.  I cook my ground turkey or chicken in acv and it adds a nice flavor.  Get a little creative.  Use it with olive oil as a salad dressing.