I’m Tired

Yesterday I did 150 push ups.  Today, it is my Week 5, Day 3 of C25K 20 minute run.  I also need to do some back work with my free weights.  It is also my slow carb diet binge day which means a lot of squats and wall push ups.  Needless to day I’m feeling a little tired.  Let me say this before anything else, I hate taking a day off.  I also really dislike talking about taking a day off before that day arrives but I work out nearly every single day, pretty much all day.  It isn’t that hard really, the workouts are quick and fit in between everything else that I’m doing in life.  Sometimes I just need a day off.  In the past I have benefited from the extra day off but generally I do not like to take them.  Tomorrow I’m planning a day of rest.

Slow Carb Binge Day Rundown 

So here is what happens today.  I’m down a good amount of weight this week.  As with most Saturdays this is my binge day.  I woke up early.  Too early.  I woke up at 8am and tossed and turned until 9am before finally getting up.  For those that don’t know me, I’m a night owl due to the fact that I work late.  Getting up at 8am is way too early for me.  Today I made the most of it.  I caught Mitt Romney’s VP announcement which is always a good chance to pick up some twitter followers.

How I Spent My Early Morning 

I ran out to Publix to grab some grapefruit juice, donuts and biscuits and then head home for some time with my kids and Mexico vs Brazil in Olympics soccer.  Not a bad way to spend my time so early.  I made myself some bacon and eggs on biscuits and gave the kids some donuts.  I drank my grapefruit juice (a small can of 100% grapefruit juice with nothing extra or any other fruit juices added), did my squats and wall push ups and then enjoyed.  Oh and I did enjoy.

My Weight Loss 

I skipped my binge day last week.  The budget was tight last weekend and my stepdaughter wanted to go visit her friends who live about an hour and a half away.  Due to high gas prices and the need for my wife and stepdaughter to eat I gave up my binge day.  A couple of things happened in that time.  I lost a lot of weight.  This is a good thing due to the fact that I’ve been losing pretty slowly lately.  I’ve been putting on a lot of muscle but I still have some areas where the fat needs to come off.

Plunging The Plumbing

The second thing that happened, well, how to I put this tactfully?  My bowels were failing to move.  So Thursday night I took two laxatives.  When nothing happened I drank two different types of teas that work as laxatives.  It wasn’t until about midnight last night when things started happening.  I don’t mean to be crude but the bowels didn’t just move, they ran 5 miles.  The result was a 2 lb loss of weight in one day.  It also got me to my lowest weight thus far and about 5 lbs less than my weigh-in two weeks ago.

I feel much better now.  I’ve had some bad carbs and coffee and will probably have more later.  In fact, I probably wont go running for a couple more hours.  I plan on spending some time with the kids and I also need to pick up some ice.  Yes, I’m planning to take another ice bath.  Today is a long run and as I’ve said before I feel worn out.  I will be working out pretty hard today and the ice bath will be a good way to recover faster.

Why I’m In Need Of Rest

Normally today would be my sit ups day.  I don’t like to neglect my sit ups but I’m going to skip them today to get in my other work outs.  After my day of rest tomorrow I plan to do my sit ups on Monday.  I feel that doing longer runs is working my body in ways that hinder the rest of my workout.  This is not to say I am sorry I’m doing it or that the running isn’t a benefit overall.  When I run I work my legs and glutes.  I also feel it in my arms and shoulders.  Holding my arms up and swinging them for 20 minutes is a good workout.  It is no wonder my arms feel tired the next day when I go to do push ups.  After my 20 minute run and ice bath for quick recovery I will rest tomorrow and resume my working out Monday.

Well there’s 800 words and I’m not going to proof read.  Work hard, go inspire and I’ll see ya tomorrow.